Outreachy week 4 and 5

Hello everyone,

In these two weeks i have managed to finish 5 issues of whatwg. I would like to tell more about the issues i worked on this week:

1. The First issue #331 is related to deprecation and as it was my first bug related to removal of a section from the whatwg spec. If considered as a bug for a new one it made me learnt a lot about the spec. There were loads of other sections related to it and for removing it every bit has to considered correctly.

2.  The Other two Bugs:

  1.   #485
  2.   #462
    made me learn how to write a short and to the point spec document plus some wrapping up the document!.

#456 – Thanks to Simon Peters for the reviews 🙂

4.  The next PR is in review right now – #499

The last thing i would like to mention about the Thursday meeting with my mentor(annevk).
After some more discussions with other contributors for further work on https://developers.whatwg.org/ , i will be starting on the whatwg’s another project. I have currently set my goals to complete 5 more issues in the next two weeks and setup Wattsi on my machine. Wattsi is the build tool of Whatwg spec.

Thanks for giving time to read my work, i’ll be updating more here.
Have a nice day


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