Outreachy Week 1 @Whatwg,Mozilla

Hello everyone, i have started writing my first blog for one of my greatest achievement till now. Explaining it in short that i have selected for 2016 Outreachy’s winter session for the project Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group(Whatwg) in mozilla.

My internship’s first week started in Mozlando that is the All Hands Workweek of mozilla which was in Orlando and i would be writing a whole separate post for it because the things i learned there needs a large space. I met my mentor Anne Van Kesteren there :). The week started as i planned because the first thing which was to be done was to discuss more about my project with my mentor.

About the Project

The main goals i have to cover in my internship period is to work on the Whatwg Bugs and solve it’s issues. As my initial contribution for the project i did two of their previous issues and they were merged in the repository successfully.

Patch Links:
Bug 245
Bug 238

From this week i have started to work on the bugs and will be updating my work next week here.

P.S Some words for my mentor and my friends

My mentor

Anne van kesteren has been working in Whatwg work from starting of this project for about 10 years now and the amount of knowledge i gained from him after meeting him this week is going to help me a lot for the project. I can say that i am lucky to work under his guidance in my internship.

Friends and Insipiration

Talking about how i came to know about open source world and to enlight that spark for technology in me, I want to thank my senior Srishti Sethi, one of the biggest inspiration which helped me achieve this. She was a GSoC intern for gnome under which she worked on GCompris and devloped awesome Braille activities.

Next thanks goes to my dearest and bestest friend Siddhesh Suthar, Who has always supported in my hard times and good times. He has also completed his GSoC project under KDE. He has always believed in me at times when i loosed confiedence in me :).

The Thank you list is going to be a never ending one so summarising it here with a special thanks to Ayush sharma, Renu Rupela.

A little more About me 🙂

I have completed my Graduation from Govt. Enginnering College, Bikaner in major Information Technology. I am open source enthusiast and familiar with FOSS since more than one year now and before mozilla i have been a Bug Solver in Wikimedia too. Looking forward to my internship and will update about my project and expreince here regularly.

Here is a link to my Outreachy Proposal



Richa Rupela